A rescue horse meets a dog that enjoys riding on her back.

A puppy named Dilly and a toy horse named Spinky instantly bond and make wonderful companions. The horse settled down on the property and immediately ignored the trainer’s directions.

In the end, very few individuals were able to approach this horse. However, Dilly was successful. Spinky doesn’t mind at all that she rides on her and that she obeys her commands. The ranch owner’s favorite animals, Spinky the miniature horse and Dilly the dog, usually make appearances in her short films.

A dog that adores riding on her back meets a rescue horse.

Dilly the dog and Spinky the toy horse bond right away and make fantastic friends. The horse strolled over to the property and disobeyed the trainer’s instructions right away.

Few people were ultimately able to approach this horse. Dilly, though, was successful. Riding on her and following her orders doesn’t bother Spinky in the least. Dilly the dog and Spinky the miniature horse, the ranch owner’s pets, frequently make an appearance in her short films. The woman reported that her formal training started during the subsequent training, which was particularly challenging because the horse was completely unmanageable.

Dilly showed there right on time to help. She mounted the steed. They haven’t been separated and have remained close ever since. Customers with reservations are reassured when she shows them her dogs.


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