Being in love with flowers, the adorable puppy insists on sniffing every flower he sees.

It’s common knowledge that dogs like to smell everything. And this adorable pooch thinks flowers have the best aroma. The dog’s owner claims that Finny became attached to flowers as a small puppy.

When Finny was a puppy, according to owner Lily Smith, she liked going to her father’s garden. The blooms piqued his interest. The dog was just sitting there and sniffing them. He can satisfy his yearning for flowers even when he is inside. He jumps onto the tables carrying the potted flowers after taking a whiff of them.

He occasionally finds imitation flowers fascinating. However, Finny enjoys their parents’ smell far more than the aroma of flowers. He loves to travel with his mother and loves to sleep in the same bed as his father, who is currently curled up under his blanket.

Every time Lily and he go shopping, Finny likes to poke his head out of the cart and smell the artificial flower shelves. A pansy is his favorite flower. Finny does not even consider eating these blossoms, even though they are edible.

We can only speculate as to what these flowers must smell like to dogs given that they have a sense of smell that is 150,000 times stronger and more acute than humans.

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