When they first met, the blind cat came into her human’s arms and gave him a lovely cuddle.

July, a blind cat, was discovered and taken to the shelter by a local. The cat has eyesight problems in addition to physical disabilities. In any case, she didn’t appear to be bothered by her poor vision.

She was left alone. Soon after, July was taken in by a volunteer named Hollie who cared for her until she was ready for adoption. Hollie thought July was vibrant and just like other cats, despite her sight problems. She took the opportunity to run around the house.

July’s tale was shared on Facebook to find her the ideal permanent home where she would be loved and content.

Thankfully, a beautiful couple who read July’s message quickly saw her value and chose to adopt her without even meeting her, giving July the devoted home she deserves. Their bond was notable since July immediately fell into the clutches of her new owner after she “see” her. She lay still for a long, sinking onto her father’s shoulder. Currently, July lives in the home of her two separate kitty owners.

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