A statement thanking the helpers was left by a cat who was found on the street with her new babies.

At a woman’s workplace, a pregnant cat was found close to a pile of food. Additionally, there was a message with a need for help close to the fluffy one. There is a residential building where Kayla works. On one of her working days, a coworker rushed up to her and requested her help.

It learned that a cat with big fearful eyes was on a specific bed on the stairs.

Please help us! was written on the floor next to a handful of dry food and a blanket-wrapped woman.

It was also found out that the cat was expecting and giving birth at the moment.

Three kittens were already present and a fourth was on the way.

Given that she worked as a volunteer at a neighboring cat shelter in her free time, Kayla helped with the birth of the latter. After all the kittens were born, the woman moved the mother cat and her young to her office.

She then called the shelter, which gave her the reassurance that they would help her. The cat family’s foster care placement was approved by Kayla’s mother as well. From the minute they were born, kittens were strong and energetic. The mother cat, Bon-Bon, watches after the kittens and is calm and compassionate.

As a result, Kayla is certain that she will soon be able to find new owners.

The kittens will be sent to a shelter where they will be adopted by a better family after they are no longer in need of their mother’s milk. The volunteers expressed their confusion at how such a sweet cat ended up on the streets. They claim that her prior owners may have been despondent at the time of their decision.

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