The missing cat travels 45 miles to the family’s new house.

One family pleaded for their real-life, cherished dog Oily to come home for weeks. The family was about to move when they unintentionally learned that their cat was missing. The family opted not to bring a pet after a protracted and anxious search, but they later went back to look.

Every weekend the family would go back, but Oily was never there, which made his young owner very upset. In the end, they decided to sell their home, gave up looking for a cat, and were ready to have a difficult conversation with their child.

The newly constructed family home’s Lewisburg yard witnessed the unexpected appearance of a well-known red face. It was later discovered that Oily had returned home. The cat was still as adorable, friendly, and loving as ever. When he came back, Oily wasn’t enraged.

The cat appeared pleased and comfortable. In his new home, the cat is now secure. The family is grateful that the cunning pet was able to locate them, even if he might never reveal how he did it.

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