A Staffordshire Terrier who has lost his sight is mentored by and made friends with by the retired therapy dog.

After his mother was scooped up off the street just before giving birth, Amor was born at an animal shelter. The dog became blind at the age of eight months, making him reliant on Jess.

She was concerned that Amor might not get along with her second kid, her elder dog, Tobias. However, Tobias adopted the puppy and became his devoted caregiver as soon as he saw it, so she need not have worried.

For many years, Tobias “worked” in a nursing home with residents as a therapy dog. He eventually met Jess after retirement. She only owned the dog for eight years as a pet.

He is no longer alone, though.

He made friends with Blind Amor, the therapy dog who had gotten used to caring for humans and was now feeling like himself. This doesn’t happen often.

He assisted the dog in exploring the house that he could no longer see by bringing a dish of water for the animal. He always had his faithful pal and companion by his side.

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