The cat has been coming to the owner daily for a year.

The owner of this cat passed away a year ago. The loving animal has nevertheless stayed with her mother even then. The first person to hear this cat’s heartbreaking scream was a bystander named Kelli from central Java, who even made an effort to comfort the animal by transporting it home. But it didn’t work, and the cat went back to his old spot the following day. As a result of his inability to accept his loss, the cat ended up staying there for an entire year.

The cat only gets up from that point on to go back to his owner’s house and be fed by the kids. He meows while snoozing there.

Seeing this is very upsetting.

It demonstrates how devoted the animals are to their people, in Kelli’s opinion.

According to experts, even animals like cats that may not express much affection for their owners may sense the loss if the owner passes away unexpectedly. Cats tend to become upset and lose interest in their surroundings.

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