The task of transporting the wedding bands to the altar was assigned to the cat.

Among other recent events, an American couple just got married. When the tragic truth was revealed, the visitors then heard a solemn meow.

No one was aware of its origin before it was time to put on the rings. It turned out that Los, the cute cat, had been handed the crucial role. The cat was really serious about his job. The cat belonged to Dina’s half-brother Ricardo Scott Larson. Ricardo posted a picture of the cat on Twitter after the event. This famous cat picture became well-known.

Reviews were generally positive. According to reports, a different girl said she planned to replicate the wedding but this time only invite animals. He mentioned in the comments that the wife had thought of the idea to ask the cat to deliver the rings a few months ago. The cat was given a unique stroller so that he would get used to it, play in it, and be very reserved on the wedding day.

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