Shelter dogs Walnut and Seed are married in a sweet ceremony.

Chihuahua Walnut and his San Antonio friend Seed tied the knot in Texas in the sweetest and friendliest wedding imaginable. In April 2022, the owners of both dogs were unable to care for them and gave them up to the shelter. Following their dental procedures, the tailed animals first encountered one another in the shelter’s medical section and instantly forged a close friendship.

They bought beautiful attire, especially for the wedding. They also constructed a little chapel with a red carpet leading inside.

The shelter’s staff, volunteers, and our closest friends were there at Walnut and Seed’s adorable little wedding.

There was cake, of course, and entertainment, including music, and soap bubbles. Public communications specialist Maria Almanza remarked.

The staff at the shelter hopes that new owners will choose to adopt the duo. Ֆour-legged couples are now available for adoption individually.

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