This dog won’t eat anything unless it is “cooked.”

The cute golden retriever’s comical temperament caught everyone off guard. He insisted on waiting for his food to cook before consuming it. Everyone who knows this crazy Golden Retriever is amazed. He won’t eat unless his family lovingly prepares his meals for him for some reason. Isso had decided to stop eating at that point, although no one knew it. They believed something happened even though everything appeared to be fine.

The dog’s family decided to take note of all the warning signs since the dog simply didn’t want to eat, which is unusual for a golden retriever.

Isso tried to explain his activities to his family, but they initially found them difficult to understand.

The dog’s family investigated potential causes for his lack of appetite. The secret ingredient is now impossible to miss, so his family now stirs his meal before serving it every time it’s time to dine.

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