New ducklings are the dog’s obsession, and she cares for them as if they were her own.

German Shepherd Cappy is well-known in this area. She adores all kinds of tiny creatures, to put it simply. She enjoys kids and spends a lot of time on the family farm with the ducks, cats, and chicks. Cappy was ecstatic; her family had recently acquired a big number of ducklings. Little Cappy can be seen in these pictures appearing fascinated as he watches ducklings play in a puddle.

She maintains her intense focus on the ducklings as if she were under a spell. Cappy is so overtaken with emotion that she lays the ground and starts gazing in awe at the ducklings.

She simply continues to move intriguingly. She gives the impression that she might be moved by being submerged in another dimension, yet oblivious to the actual misery of the soggy ground.

Cappy’s calm, compassionate demeanor is a little unusual.  Dogs are often unstable around the creatures they admire.

She treasures the common, tiny creatures! She has a warm, sensitive disposition and is highly aware of the beauty of nature.

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