The rescue cat comes out of the cage to comfort the isolated dog in the clinic.

During a heavy downpour, Lito was found as a small cat drowning in a storm drain. After that, he was brought to the clinic for a checkup. They typically feel anxious when Lito first enters a medical facility.

At the age of barely 7 to 9 weeks, he was perplexed as to why so many people had gathered to pay attention to him. Before Ela decided to join him, Lito had the entire ward to himself. Meet Ela, a young person who went missing and was later found in horrible condition.

To maintain this, their containers were placed fully away from one another. Dogs and cats frequently avoid one another to avoid any encounters.

When the staff went to check on Lito one day, they noticed he wasn’t in his cage. They subsequently discovered Lito cuddling with Ela in her cage. The unusual pair is currently routinely let share a cage, and you can tell that they are happy about it. Ela has been helped by Lito to stop acting like the timid little boy she was when she first arrived.

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