Meet Carrot, the adorable cat with a mustache who captivated online admirers with his distinctive appearance.

Have you ever seen a cat with a more beautiful face, complete with a magnificent mustache? Two-year-old Carrot is a good cat who is prepared for life and work. Together with his family and his pet Milko, he resides in France. Carrot enjoys playing all day and, unexpectedly, all night, unlike other cats. The shrewd cat, Carrot, likes to climb and hop.

When he spends some time relaxing on his back paws, he appears the cutest. Carrot has a peculiar habit of sniffing the food on his family’s plates as though he were going to eat something delectable.

When the couple brought Carrot home, they already had a cat. At the time, Carrot was around three months old.

When the charming couple came across Carrot, they were looking for another cat to share their Milko with when they fell in love with his curious, beautiful face.

Carrot was a well-behaved, gorgeous cat who soon grew close to their cat Milko.

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