A courageous shelter dog protects a rescue worker from would-be kidnappers as they go out for a walk.

Jepson, a Pyrenean mountain dog, was taken from his owner and diagnosed with aberrant animal hoarding syndrome. It was known that the dog and a dozen other animals had endured appalling living circumstances.

He also had scabies, which had left him with sores and ulcers all over him. Jepson recovered right away because of the compassion of the employees at the shelter where he was brought. He put on weight, his skin cleared up, and he become livelier and friendlier. The shelter is viewed as undesirable, nonetheless, due to the high crime level in the area.

The volunteers at the institution have already been the target of several assaults.

On their morning promenade, the young girl was accompanied by her dog when a car drove up next to them. Two men jumped out of the car, tried to grab the volunteer, and cram him inside. Jepson leaped to his feet and sprinted for the defense.

Strong and equipped with razor-sharp fangs, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog can defend itself from two men. The protective instinct of this breed is very strong. The attackers understood they couldn’t defeat Jepson as a result of this. The men freed the girl and ran off. The founder of the shelter thinks that their volunteer would have been kidnapped if it weren’t for the dog that served as a guard dog. The lady also decided to move the refuge to a safer place.

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