A custom wheelchair is given for Christmas to a one-pound dog that is unable to walk by himself.

This child was born with hydrocephalus. The smallest of the litter, the puppy weighed a little under 1.5 pounds. Everything seemed to be working against him, and he didn’t seem to have a great chance of having a happy life. And the owners decided to put him to death. To not prolong the suffering of the child seemed to them to be a kind option.

Fortunately, the problem was found by the neighborhood residents who were helping the Yorkshire Terriers. To provide the dog with a better future, they intervened and took him.

It, therefore, took place. The puppy is about to receive the most spectacular Christmas present imaginable as the kindness of others is in full swing. Moreover, the helpless child is supported by a small “wheelchair,”. This stroller is unquestionably a work of art and was made to order.

Additionally, the leader of the organization that saved Toby, Kit DeRoche, continues, “Every living creature deserves a right to life.” “And if someone has a problem, Florida Yorkie Rescue doesn’t think too highly of it.” Toby has now started to move forward and his unsteady front legs will get stronger. Kit took a small dog’s bravery as her own after being moved by it.

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