Marshall the Retriever and his young daughter Macy make a sweet duo that wins over hearts everywhere.

A Golden Retriever puppy named Marshall was taken home.

In contrast to the family’s expectations, the puppy chose to tear apart pillows and soft toys, scattering stuffing all over the house. He ate meals off the living room floor and chewed on flowers. He jumped into the pool before running back to his bed to cuddle.

When Marshall was a year old, he developed a liking for puddles. He went for a walk and came back covered in dirt. Even in dry conditions, the retriever could find a body of water. The dog adopted Macy after his birth and reared him.

As the girl grew, a dog watched over her. While Macy was beginning to sit and play in the playpen, Marshall was present. When she took her first steps, he was there to witness it. They also shared the time when they played and slept. Marshall, one of our children, was soothed by Macy. Nothing but watching them play together makes my heart skip a beat, Macy’s mother stated.

With the dog, the girl is free to do whatever she pleases, including riding him, brushing his teeth with her fingers in his mouth, tugging his cheeks and nose, and grabbing his ears. Marshall only kisses Macy’s face. “All Marshall does is give me that look when he’s had his fill… However, we have never seen him with a malicious grin on his face. He just needs to enter our bedroom if he needs to be by himself. Marshall will have to work harder to conceal now that she can climb on the bed, the girl’s mother said.

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