The ferret and German Shepherd made quick friends and now spend all of their time together having fun.

Vilnius native Diana Grib has always wanted to own a variety of animals. The girl didn’t want to join any adversarial coalitions that may worry the animals.

Following extensive research, Diana ultimately decided to purchase a dog and a ferret, as seen by their interactions. The first to get to her house was German shepherd Nova. Nova learned tolerance as a result of Diana exposing her to other animals during her training, including parrots and cats.

The domestic ferret came next; as they usually grow up in shelters with dogs, the girl only had to choose the cutest one.

The ferret, Pacco, arrived from Krakow. The initial encounter was successful without a hitch. Nova became smitten with the visitor and followed him as he inspected the new home, completely disregarding the neighbor. Before “the fun started,” Pacco ignored the dog for two days, according to Diana. Both animals are energetic and engaged. Together, they take walks, engage in activities, and even sleep.

Diana Grib continues, “Sometimes I get the idea that two dogs are living here since they are so similar. Nova, on the other hand, plays far less part in their relationship than the ferret does. During the games, Pacco was able to leave a scar on the shepherd’s snout, but she didn’t appear to mind.

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