An individual claims a stray cat on Facebook to be her long-lost pet.

In 2009, Middy the cat vanished. His owner, Shailene, worked hard to establish him as a pet. Her search was unsuccessful even though she put up posters throughout the city, went to nearby shelters, and spoke to residents. The woman lost hope that her cat would come back after several years. The good news is that Shailene just came across her cat online after he was missing for 12 years. She came upon a message from a shelter while looking through her news feed.

Shailene recognized the cat right away as her Middy, despite the creature’s considerable alteration. The woman and her misplaced cat were quickly reunited after making an instant call to the shelter. The officials of the shelter say that while Middy is away, he may split his time between two different residences.

Nevertheless, he arrived in the city and was discovered there by a shelter’s employees. The adventures of Middy are over. This time, Shailene won’t avert her gaze from him. The cat might decide to give up exiting the house in quest of adventure now that he has all he wants.

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