Even though she had been missing for ten years, she thought her cherished pet had long since vanished.

Micky, Yeva’s cat, played a big part in her life, so her absence shocked her. In 2009, Yeva got out of the car to go grocery shopping, but she vanished. Micky, on the other hand, appeared bored and exited the vehicle onto the street. She was heartbroken that she couldn’t find her pet and struggled to imagine life without her. She waited for the cat to return on its own before beginning her hunt, but she was unsuccessful. She did find her, but probably not right away—up to ten years later. She was only 11 kilometers away from her house.

Micky had been there for ten years when the rescue organization called the woman to let her know. Anne Hawks, a resident of Birmingham, discovered her. When they discovered an implanted chip in her at the vet, they promptly notified her owner.

Yeva had not forgotten about her cat in a very long time, so she was just pleased to see her again. Having attained the respectable age of 16, the cat is likewise in her golden years.

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