The domestic cat prefers to play with his brother.

Male cat Toddy resided with his owner Liana. She recently decided to bring Abba, a puppy, into her home. The cat was fairly affable and recognized the child as his younger sibling right away. Even Abba approached him right away and began to scent his new friend.

They immediately connected, began to play, and began to follow along. They were fully focused on one another. Toddy would approach Liana on the first day and cuddle up to her, and Abba would follow.

The dog and cat rapidly became friendly. Their friendship has become substantially stronger since then. The domestic cat and the puppy coddled and groomed one another for the first two weeks.

After that, Liana noticed that they were constantly curled up on a dog bed, which she thought was so adorable. The two of them made each other laugh as Abba rose to fame. When he was with Toddy, the puppy believed he was a cat. Together, they enjoyed themselves and played nonstop all day.

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