When they come to the stray cat with her young, she goes to the rescuers.

A neighbor found the cat after learning that its owner had moved and abandoned it. The resident decided to call a shelter. An Indianapolis-based rescue group took up the call and responded promptly to the area to assist the cat.

They all came into contact with several apartment complex occupants, who confirmed the issue. A cardboard box propped against the apartment building wall was the only thing keeping them safe. When we walked over and discovered him, the kids in the area told us where he was.

The employees at the shelter had to take extra care because it was believed that the cat might defend its kittens. However, as soon as the crew opened a tin can, they noticed a cat approaching them and waiting for food. They noticed the cat’s three kittens huddled together on the ground when she came out. We have never before seen a cat consume a can that quickly. The mother and the rescue team transferred the three kittens to the transfer van.

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