Everyone adores having dogs show up unexpectedly at pool parties.

A group of friends was having a pool party when they noticed two dogs lingering outside the fence on the side of the yard. Some guests let the dogs inside since they appeared to want to, and one of them had a name, making it possible for them to find their owners.

While the other dog was ready to join the fun, one of the dogs was initially hesitant to approach the yard. They were so eager to celebrate that they immediately began to approach people and receive pets.

The second dog came to us with a little more hesitation; at first, she stayed in the yard but eventually came over when she saw her friend on the balcony.

Stolker was having a great time.

Stolcker’s owner found him in the middle of the celebration. He informed him that the other dog belonged to his neighbor. She and Stolcker were closest friends.

The dogs spent a couple of hours at the party before being picked up. The gracious hosts made sure to emphasize that they are welcome to return whenever they would like.

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