In addition to making his owner rich, Dengi the cat also gifted him a $6,000 gold chain.

A businesswoman from Malaysia by the name of Dengi enjoys her cat. And that’s fantastic since the cat made the woman rich, proving that everything is real because domestic cats are so cute!

Dengi is pictured here receiving a $6,000 chain as a gift. She made it clear that since the necklace was crafted specifically for her, no other cat may wear it. The cat’s genuine appeal is only acknowledged by this great contribution.

The hostess’ business is flourishing because of her capacity to attract cash.

She experienced a sense of prophesy when she purchased a kitten from a pet shop. If you let go of the money, it will go away just like the cat did. Similarly, the opposite. Dengi never walks alone; she is usually carried by the hostess, the husband, or the maid.

Every time she buys the cat new clothes or brings him to the spa, she gets lucrative orders and is pleased to spend the money on her pet.

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