The four kittens fiercely cling to their dog, believing it to be their mother.

Around two weeks ago, a shelter asked for help with a litter of 14-day-old kittens. They reached the sanctuary some hours later. Bottle-fed kittens required extra work, and the majority of rescue agencies were already at capacity. Thola, one of the volunteers, and her sisters looked after them all day in the comfort of their own home.

Despite being generally sound, they appeared ill. They tenderly washed before slumbering soundly in their warm and lovely bed.

Lillo, the neighborhood Husky, persisted in trying to assist them. The dog enjoys visiting the stray animals whenever it comes across them because it has adopted numerous of them.

The kittens approached Lillo as if she were their mother when they first met her. She adored her dog buddy and would sometimes climb up on her for solace. the fourth most courageous. He clutched Lillo like a newborn duckling.

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