After spending a lot of time looking for the lost cat, a man finally finds it.

This funny thing happened fourteen years ago. The cat’s owner once had to travel a long distance to another country. There, he had to go through a protracted therapy session. The cat was taken care of by a woman who did that every day.

The cat, however, seemed to have recently fled the residence because it was missing its owner. He then started to scout the area around the neighboring residences. The cat in one yard found a route to the garage, which was used often and contained sacks of dog food.

He once attempted to enter the garage but got stuck in the opening. When the home’s owner saw the cat and called for help, the cat was taken to a shelter. The entire shelter staff was taken aback by the cat’s size.

Journalists found the strange cat and examined him before broadcasting their story on all regional networks. The cat’s owner was already at home when he saw his pet on the news. The following day, the man located his missing cat and presented a photo to confirm its identity.

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