When a cat gets overweight, hospital visitors are persuaded to believe that she is pregnant.

A meaty, fat cat sleeps all the time in a veterinary office.

Although a well-fed cat is difficult to miss, his seeming fatness may be deceiving, thus hospital visitors were baffled. This story is quite amusing. A medical doctor is the owner of the cat. When she took him up from a nearby shelter, he weighed 29 pounds. The cat’s new owner soon realized that his heart was much larger for people than his waist. According to the doctor, the cat enjoys exploring the office and acting appropriately when hosting visitors.

He enjoys taking up the entire entrance and highlighting his impressive physique to everyone. The owner of the cat determined that it was imperative to post a message detailing the circumstances on the window where the cat regularly sat.

The owner has already shed a total of 25 pounds as a result of his efforts. Despite being overweight, the cat is in excellent general health and mobility. The cat’s hearing is unusually acute, and he can hear food falling from the opposite end of the clinic.

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