A blind dog makes friends with a dog from a rescue organization and shelter.

Sparrow the dog seemed to lose interest in everything after he lost his sight. His owners had to help Fred the dog adjust to his new circumstances, so they got him from a shelter. Unfortunately, Sparrow had glaucoma. We tried everything for eighteen months, but nothing worked, the company owner stated.

The energetic and positive Fred instantly won Sparrow over and started helping him with everything.

The friends spend all of their time together—including playing, eating, and sleeping—and are currently nearly identical.

Sparrow is happy with what he did since being close to Fred makes him feel safe once more. Sparrow likes to play with his favorite toys, go in the car, and connect with people. Fred is a complete nutcase. He frequently acts playfully, eats, and follows Sparrow around the house, according to the owner.

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