Mostaccioli, who was born with what resembles a mustache over her mouth, has a large online following.

As a result of its appearance, the cat has gained popularity on social media.

She has more than 7,000 followers on Instagram. A cat named Mostaccioli sports a “mustache.” Despite being just 1.4 years old, she already has a large social media following.

The best way to attract the mustachioed girl’s attention to a shot is to call her name aloud or make an unexpected noise that causes her to look. I have hundreds of photos on my camera roll, so I can choose a good couple,” the owner said. The youngster claimed to have found a cat with her younger brothers.

In this family, Onlyaccioli had a “mustache.”

“My mother was watering the garden when she overheard the kittens yelling. Then she called my number right away. I found that all four kittens were wet as a result. The girl remembered, “I dried and cleaned them, and I also tricked them into a big booth so they would be under my supervision.”

The owner fed Mostaccioli because she was weak. The girl initially didn’t see the “mustache.”

She eventually grew to appreciate this quality, though and decided to keep the cat. The girl discovered a family for the other kids.

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