With all of his money, a 6-year-old saved a cat from the streets and then rejoiced in the feline’s honor.

Every one of us can contribute a grain of sand to the endeavor to save and assist animals. Children in the household could have bigger hearts and would do anything to help a small animal. The son of Mina Sailor is responsible for doing that.

He was determined to spend every last penny on adopting a kitten because he was aware of the costs involved in owning a cat. The loyal son has shown that he is willing to do anything for his mother. “With his money, he helped her survive by buying her food.”

She asked her mother to assist her in counting the money while the two drove the animal to the vet to make sure everything was in order. Mina desired to organize a celebration when her child turned one.

He requested to have “the kitten” as the theme because all he could think of was his cat. Thus, he taught all of his little friends at the birthday party the importance of rescuing and adopting animals.

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