The internet went crazy over a picture of a dolphin and a dog cuddling, and it turned out that they had known one another for almost eight years.

If you think that a dog is a man’s best friend, we’re sorry to disappoint you. Dogs seem to get along with everyone!

In Florida, a dog and a dolphin made friends, and the pictures of their friendship are just what you need to see right now. A year ago, Gunner the dog and Delta, his devoted dolphin friend, gained notoriety. It comes as no surprise that their story will make you swoon for them. The dolphin resides at the Dolphin Research Center seashore reserve on Grassy Key Island in Florida.

The dog’s owner, Marie Blanton, a member of the company, regularly brings the pet along when she visits the mate with fins.

When Gunner first arrived at the docks, Blanton anticipated that he might bark or grow agitated. But instead of responding, he simply lay down and started to watch.


Marie saw that Delta was always the first to swim up to Gunner whenever she decided to bring Gunner along. The dog tried to play with her toys after she offered them to him. When Gunner first saw the dolphins, he was only a little over two months old. The relationship between the puppy and Delta, who is now eleven years old, has only grown stronger. They still recognize one another despite not seeing each other as frequently as they formerly did. According to Insider, the dolphin always sails to the retriever first when he arrives at the docks. The tale of Gunner and Delta was made public thanks to a popular tweet by @ woollyback.

The guy posted a photo of the couple to his Instagram feed. The tweet received more than 1.2 million likes and almost 250,000 retweets.

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