A Japanese hotel decided to add cats as a creative way to draw visitors.

There are currently infinite visitors. Many individuals have fantasies of having a cute, loving cat enter their lives and make everything beautiful. But not everyone gets the chance to understand this. As a result, a Japanese hotel employed a fantastically inventive and innovative marketing plan.

The hotel has drawn not just international notoriety but also a sizeable sum of money for the proprietors due to how well-liked this service is. The price of a hotel with a cat has also gone up. When given the chance to spend the entire day with the cat, it must not be refused.

But when given the chance, who thinks about money?

No one has ever thought of such a straightforward yet effective strategy before, thus whoever had the wonderful idea deserves a prize for innovation. On its grounds, there has also been a cat café for a while where you can sit with them for a set period.

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