After being abandoned at a shelter for 18 years, a cat found someone who made him happy.

When the Tuxo cat turned 18 and his owner realized he was no longer amusing and satisfied and needed more attention, there was nothing left for her to do but give him to a shelter.

The staff at the shelter was aware that elderly animals were not likely to find new homes. Just in case, the staff continued to post updates about Tuxo on the shelter’s social media accounts. They were surprised at the cat’s success in finding a home. It was a man attempting to adopt his older cat, it turned out.

He was moved by a picture of the cat he saw online and wanted to give Tuxo a comfortable old age. The cat was friendly and gregarious, and he enjoyed sitting on his owner’s lap. He exudes kindness and friendliness. A true feline Tuxo just celebrated its 20th birthday.

He is in a loving and caring environment and is in excellent health for his age. He could have a few more years to live. And we shall express our gratitude to the deserving person who provided us with this immense joy.

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