This story about a big dog that takes in all the little stray kittens will brighten your day.

A dog that has been adopted can understand better than anyone what it’s like to be abandoned before finding a loving and caring home.

The dog’s reaction to her owner taking in stray kittens was one of the kindest and most uplifting things you’ll ever watch. As though they were her kittens, she adopted them. Without a doubt, a maternal instinct. It’s hilarious because she exclaimed, “Let me help them,” as soon as I handed her the supplies. These are her offspring.

She would rush around inspecting, cleaning, and smelling them as soon as I let her outside. Doggy is very serious about his profession. She will stand between them and other dogs, guard them, and get in their way. When her owner came upon an online article about three kittens who needed a 24-hour bottle, she quickly offered to assist.

Because of how loving and natural-looking her response was, it appeared as though the dog had truly given birth to the kittens. She keeps an ongoing check on them and cleans them whenever she has a chance. as she crosses the street to feed her people.

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