A Rottweiler adopts and raises a stray puppy as his own.

There is just no excuse for anyone to leave a dog in the street, and doing it in the cold further exacerbates the situation.

After hearing about a young dog in the street, the volunteers sped to the house since they understood how urgent the situation was. Two rescuers came to the scene and immediately began searching for the dog.

When they got to the location seen in the video, he wasn’t there. The two women combed the neighborhood, trying to find him before it was too late. They eventually located him in a corner and hurried to assist him. He was quickly lifted by the volunteer girl, who then quickly wrapped him in her coat and carried him up.

The dog recovered swiftly from its procedures and therapies and was soon ready to start a new life. He was given a Rottweiler as a companion and permanently adopted into a family. The large Rottweiler that lived there followed the dog around. The Rottweiler family decided to adopt him and may have thought of him as the big dog’s puppy.

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