The loving dog won’t let his three-year-old youngster alone when he is in time out.

Peyton is a boy’s first name. Along with his parents and a dog named Dash, he resides in the United States.

When this family adopted the dog, it was just a young puppy. He grew up and spent his entire time with this family being with his partner at all times. Together, they roamed, played, and slept. Dash ate his meal at Payton’s feet and waited for him to finish before beginning to play once more. Payton was not a kind person; rather, he was mischievous, as most boys are. He once got into a fight with his sister and was wicked.

To stop their child from continuing, the parents had no choice except to place him in timeout.

The dog decided to accompany his best friend because he could not just watch his antics, especially when he was by himself.

When their mother came to talk to her son, she found them standing in this position in the corner for a while, morally supporting one another. The boy embraced the dog with his hand, and the dog sat obediently holding the boy’s leg. Of course, the mother stopped being angry with her kid and decided to forgive him after viewing this adorable picture.

The success their son has had with the dog is known to the parents.

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