A sign language instructor who previously adopted a deaf puppy has hearing problems.

The family of a dog named Ardi was unable to adequately care for him when he started to lose his hearing, so they had to give him up to a shelter. Thankfully, the dog quickly found his ideal owner—a sign language instructor who had gone deaf—and soon after that, he left the shelter and moved into a new home.

He merely intended to observe the animals and perhaps select a dog to keep as a pet. However, the idea became a little too well-liked. In his enclosure, Ardi gave me a warm welcome.

In his enclosure, Ardi gave me a warm welcome. As I turned to leave after patting him, he approached me and quietly barked, almost pleading with me to pick him up.

Andrew continued. After informing the staff at the shelter that he was taking Ardi home, the guy quickly formalized the adoption of the polite dog. Andrew is capable of the job despite the challenges of caring for a deaf dog.

Under his guidance, the dog, who has been given the new name Appa, is picking up sign language quickly. Appa “already understands a few words in sign language and quickly picks up new ones,” writes Andrew.

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