To enable his dog to continue going on mountain walks, a dog owner builds a mobility aid.

A Golden Retriever named Sully goes everywhere with his owner. Together, they trekked every path in the Kananaskis Valley and Yoho National Park.

The dog is now 14 years old, so extended walks are no longer an option for him. Sully also recently received a diagnosis of laryngeal paralysis, which makes breathing more challenging for him.

Donny created a special mode of transportation for the dog so that he could continue to go with him. He began with a typical baby carriage and modified it by adding ski and snowshoe attachments.

The dog’s owner may now travel over difficult terrain with the dog while navigating hills, snow, and ice. There isn’t a happier dog on the earth right now, according to Donny. When they see a makeshift stroller, bystanders always stop to chat with the Canadian or pet Sully. Being the focus of attention suits him well.

The stroller, in Donny’s opinion, is the least he could do to show the dog his appreciation for all of his years of loyalty and love. “Like most people, I’ve experienced ups and downs. The man continued, “And he was always there for me, and just by talking to me, he helped me get over them. The Canadians want to travel together even more in the future.

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