A courageous firefighter adopts a cat he saved from a terrible shelter fire.

At an animal shelter in Orlando, a fire started. The location where the rescued dogs and cats were kept was quickly affected by the fire as it spread over the entire property.

Brett Maneri and other firefighters had to enter the building to extinguish small fires after the flames were extinguished. The men also found the animals that had survived and saved them. In total, 26 canines and 24 cats were saved. “Cats appear to have been frightened. It seemed like they had witnessed a ghost. Brett Maneri said, “It’s unfortunate when something happens at a place where animals are safeguarded.” In one of the rooms, Maneri found a cage with three cats strewn around it.

Moreover, after moving a box with a cat named Mia, the man decided to keep her. “Surprisingly, she landed up in the worst area and came away with a few injuries,” Maneri remarked. Anyway, from the same shelter, Brett had already purchased a Boxer, two cats, and two kittens. The following day, Mia was able to stop hiding in her new house and stop being so afraid.

Mia now stays with her new owner all the time, meowing and giving him paw cuddles. However,  according to Brett Maneri, he made no noteworthy contributions. He contends that without the efforts of the entire firefighting crew, extinguishing the fire and preserving the animals would not have been feasible.

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