A happy group of local cats in Lucera have deemed the town’s Christmas tree their favorite place to relax.

The biggest Christmas tree in Lucera was converted into a sanctuary for stray cats by the locals.

The cats that regularly inhabit the plaza were not taken into account. The initial design for the 2022 Christmas tree was produced by the city planners. Italy was among the first nations in Europe to experience the epidemic. Since then, more than two years have passed, and the small community of Lucera has adapted to a new way of life. A Christmas tree will be present in the central area, but it will be unusually adorned. Instead of the usual lights and balls, it was decorated with tiny wooden houses that had oddly shaped windows and doors. But nobody predicted that a group of city cats would establish a literal home in symbolic structures. Striped and spotted street burglars enthusiastically endorsed the plan to create a sizable climbing hole for them in the main city plaza.

In truth, it’s possible that people simply gave the cats a preference in certain locations. Cats have always resided in Lucera’s central square. They were fed, given massages, and taken pictures here.

Then, rather than the customary cat, individuals brought a Christmas tree frame to the square. On the other hand, the tailed occupants did not take offense. They concluded that it was just a resident’s gift. The tree was built as a symbol of the troubled times our planet is currently through.

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