A courageous puppy who was found in the trash after losing her paws gets the perfect, loving forever home.

The owner of the butcher business tormented the two-year-old puppy.

The puppy’s paws were wrapped in a rope so tightly though. The poor dog caught an infection and the paws started to rot. Since it wasn’t suitable for meat any longer, they simply threw it in the garbage. Fortunately, her savior showed up in time, saving the dog’s life. The animal’s eyes still glow with a loving light of gratitude.

She also wanted to be back on her feet as quickly as possible after the treatment, saying, “She made it.” Her rescuer said that she appeared to be wagging her tail and beaming from ear to ear.

The puppy’s name was Chi Chi, which is Korean for “beautiful.” Before moving to her new house in Phoenix, Arizona, she spent two months healing at the vet.

She is presently waiting for her owners to show up. Chi Chi was even given artificial limbs!

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