A deaf and partially blind elderly dog protects a lost little girl for 15 hours and helps rescuers discover her.

Three-year-old Aurora’s family called the police to report her missing. Her family asserts that the girl left the house by herself and disappeared.

In Queensland’s Southern Downs, the authorities started searching the hills and untamed areas, but they were unable to find the girl. On Saturday morning, more than a hundred volunteers from the State Emergency Service and residents participated in the endeavor.

It wasn’t until 8:00 p.m. that Aurora, who had spent about 15 hours on top of a hill shrouded in dense vegetation, was found. Leisa Bennett, Aurora’s grandmother, first overheard the youngster’s weak voice. She sprinted to the top of the hill, where she came across a dog that pointed her in the direction of the girl. The offender was Max, a deaf and completely blind dog who was 17 years old. The dog had stayed by Aurora’s side the entire night, keeping her warm with his body as they awaited help. Except for dehydration and a few scrapes, the girl was unscathed despite the cold and humidity. Since she had spent the night snuggling Max, Aurora smelled like a dog. The missing child was located on her family’s private property two kilometers from her home, according to the police report.

Despite being nearby, it was challenging to locate Aurora. The home is located in a tall, heavily forested location. Volunteers had to move slowly and cautiously to avoid steep slopes covered in moss and vegetation. According to the authorities, the girl was incredibly fortunate to have avoided harm and survived.

Their family of Aurora is grateful to Max for helping to save her and for not abandoning her. For his bravery, he was given the moniker “honorary police dog.”

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