Mika and Zero are Shiba Inu puppies who reside in Hong Kong, China, and are sweeping the globe with their adorableness.

The younger sister, Mika, is outgoing, while the older brother, Zero, typically has a solemn expression on his face. Mika frequently makes fun of her brother as a result, which occasionally irritates him.

Zero first makes an effort to maintain his composure when Mika repeatedly sticks her tongue in and out in front of her brother. Mika promises never to do it again in front of her brother when he threatens her by biting her tongue.

Thanks to their owner’s attention, the two dogs had substantially increased in size months later.

Mika’s character hasn’t changed, on the other hand. She keeps picking fights with her brother, and interesting things happen between them every day. The owner frequently uploads photos and videos to Instagram. The couple currently has more than 32,000 Instagram followers.

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