A woman finds her long-lost cat from two years ago when she visits the shelter’s Facebook page.

The social networking site Facebook allowed Jimmy the cat and his family to be reunited after three years of being apart. Sue Zelitzky, Jimmy’s owner, asserts that their cat has always been mischievous.

Up until the day he vanished, he enjoyed stepping outside without being asked and exploring the nearby paths.

Sue continues, “Jimmy normally came home, but he didn’t that night. Fall 2014 saw Jimmy reach the age of 13. Jimmy was nowhere to be found despite the family’s best efforts, which included searching everywhere, asking neighbors, and posting flyers all over the neighborhood.

Zelinsky fought against acknowledging that they had lost their beloved pet for good for a very long time, but the reality was too terrible to ignore, and time was running out. Nearly three years after the tragedy, Sue was perusing her Facebook feed when she stumbled upon a post from the Milford Animal Shelter about a stray cat that had been taken in off the street. Jimmy resembled the cat in the picture exactly. It became clear that this was her long-lost Jimmy as they started writing each other letters under the post. Jimmy loved Sue’s neighbor, and the two of them drove right to the shelter.


When the woman looked at the animal more closely, she realized who was in front of her immediately.

Is that you, Jim? I asked the cat a question. He came up to me and prodded me with his head. I started crying at that point, Sue recalls. Nearly 16-year-old Jimmy is happy to be back at home. Everyone was delighted to see the cat and recognized it.

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