Munchie, a 7-month-old kitten, has a rare condition that stops him from developing into a huge cat.

Munchie is a little 1.6-kilogram adult cat that has the appearance of a kitten.

Due to a rare illness called hypoparathyroidism, he will never grow up. The cat was discovered by Emily Tomlinson, 30, Munchie’s current owner, in September of this year. He was found in the park by onlookers, who then brought him to the Wolverhampton veterinary clinic where the woman was employed at the time.

He seemed to be about three or four months old. It’s possible that the kitten’s previous owners abandoned it on the street because of “cloudy” eyes, a condition brought on by bilateral corneal edema that didn’t impair vision. Munchie was taken care of by Emily for a week. She decided to permanently abandon the kitten when no one offered to take him home.


Up until Munchie fell unwell at the end of December, everything was fine. He was immediately taken to the doctor by Emily. The examination’s findings showed that the kitten’s calcium levels were dangerously low. At the time, nobody considered getting a blood test for hypoparathyroidism. The truth that the infant will need lifelong calcium and vitamin D supplementation also became clear much later. Munchie seems to be an ordinary kitten. On the other side, there are times when he doesn’t speak or play at all.

Munchie is a kind-hearted small cat. When he wants my attention, my cat will climb into my lap, and snuggle up next to me as I sleep. He will rub his muzzle on my face, according to Emily. She says it was “love at first sight.” As soon as she saw Munchie, she immediately identified him as her cat.

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