Dachshunds with albinism are quite rare. Duke, who struggled to obtain a permanent residence, is now an Instagram star leading the life of his dreams.

For months, no one wished to remove the abandoned dachshund named Duke from the orphanage. All as a result of his qualities, given that he was born an albino.

Instead of the traditional black-brown color, the dog is white. Duke has a pink nose as opposed to a black one. The dog’s heart is enlarged due to a congenital disease, and its vision and hearing are both severely impaired. Due to this, Duke finds it challenging to walk for extended periods without getting out of breath or developing edema. To prevent sunburn, he should also wear sunscreen.

In animals with albinism, the skin tone, hairline, feathers, and iris are absent from birth. Instantly, Mercedes Andrade warmed up to the pooch. The woman claimed that she had never before heard of albino dachshunds being born.

The puppy was not intended to go with Mercedes, but she was unable to leave without him. “He picked us, not we,” was the statement. Duke hoped that he would find security and happiness in our home, according to Mercedes Andrade. Due to his owner’s social media posts, Duke is now surrounded by love and care and has gained notoriety.

While walking down the street, he consistently catches people’s eyes. People approached to take pictures and get a closer look at the dachshund in all white. The dog senses his owners’ love even though he can only hear high-frequency sounds and see with one eye.

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