The dog mimics his limp out of sympathy as he follows his ailing owner.

London resident Mr. Jones fractured his leg and needed to wear a cast. The man could only walk by using crutches and bouncing on his healthy leg.

Due to the difficulty of relying on a crippled limb, he hobbled while out on walks with his beloved dog Bill. The dog still wants to go outdoors and mark every lamppost, even with one leg in a cast. When Russell Jones discovered that Bill was also limping, he was surprised. The dog couldn’t rely on his left front leg, he abruptly realized. It’s not clear how his greyhound’s paw was hurt, whether there was a fracture or break in the bone, or whether a glass shard or other foreign object simply got stuck in the dog’s paw. Mr. Jones leashed Bill, and the two hobbled to the veterinarian for an examination.

A middle-aged man with three legs (without crutches) and a beautiful thoroughbred dog with three legs. The veterinarian examined the greyhound and found no issues.

The dog seemed to be in great shape. The doctor and Mr. Jones then decided that an x-ray would help determine what was going on. However, there were no anomalies seen on the X-ray. The incident was a simulation, the doctor determined.

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