Kai, an overweight 100-pound Golden Retriever who was just saved by Alberta Animal Rescue in Canada, had a stunning weight-loss makeover.

At the time, he weighed 173 pounds. The dog’s previous owners, according to Pam, the caretaker’s mother, seemed to love him a lot, but she didn’t realize they were overfeeding him or that he didn’t lead an active life.

Pam was moved to act when she first saw Kai and wanted to assist him. He wouldn’t leave her behind in any way. Pam decided to adopt the dog because, despite being ill and in pain, he was so upbeat.

When Kai got to his new house in Canada, the stairs took him thirty minutes to climb.

After entering, he became immobile and was unable to move or take part in any activities, even if he had wanted to. When Pam measured Kai, he weighed 173 pounds instead of the planned 75. This was a major issue, but Pam believed she could save the dog.

The dog required a nourishing diet, especially vegetables. He started practicing on water tracks because he needed to feel motivated. Pam has observed that the dog likes to go for walks. The Black Labrador owned by Pam was a very driven and active dog. The golden retriever quickly learned how to climb and use the stairs by itself. Kai’s mother was overjoyed to see how much weight he had shed.

Pam admired Kai’s commitment to his weight loss efforts; although he was worn out, he had reached his target weight of 75 pounds and was free to do anything he pleased.

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