The dog’s reaction was astounding when she viewed the picture of her deceased mate.

This cute critter shows that true love can never die, no matter what.

Gorgeous puppy Lola first met her best friend Lacy ten years ago. They were both cherished by and adored by their families. They were “inseparable,” according to their owner Alli Trent. No matter where Lacy went, Lola was always after her. They were enjoying themselves, playing games, sharing beds, and generally living life to the fullest. They were intimately connected. But Lacy’s condition got worse. Lola sat by her side the entire time, comforting and encouraging her as she started coughing frequently.

She cared for her and was constantly keeping an eye out for her to make sure she was well.

Unfortunately, Lacy passed away. When she passed away, Lola wasn’t there. And when she discovered her stunning companion was gone, her sorrow intensified swiftly.

Then Alli decided to place Lacy’s portrait on the bookcase in the living room. And Lola’s reaction was just the sweetest when she viewed the picture. She was wagging her tail and couldn’t take her eyes off it. Her closest friend was recognized right away.

Alli thinks Lacy won’t be coming home, and Lola is fully aware of this. She also tries to make the woman’s day peaceful and comforting.

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