The starving puppy was transformed into a pretty young woman.

The workers of the rescue organization once saved a dejected little pit bull who had been discovered in a home’s backyard wearing a blanket. She was so cold that she was unable to even stand.

A lovely puppy named Arugula was immediately transported to the clinic, where she received first-rate care.

A few days later, though still weak, she was prepared to leave and look for a new house.

She is currently living in a foster home with a devoted owner who showers her with attention. She is also sporting a sweater because the weather is chilly.

The shrewd dog has been trained to sit and stand even if her legs are still weak.

The arugula plant is growing stronger and healthier as it prepares for a full life. She is ecstatic to have found a loving home with a new puppy who will be a wonderful companion for her. She is ecstatic and thrilled to be in such a lovely and inviting setting.

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