Finally, the lovely stray puppy gets a place to call his own.

Volunteers from the animal sanctuary “Howl of a Dog” ran a spay-neuter campaign for dogs in a remote area of Romania. They encountered Remi, a kind and amiable dog, there. The lovely stray dog would wag his tail and smile as he welcomed the crew each morning. He was very courteous and pleasant. Everyone loved and respected him.

Remi’s nose was scorched, and the hot iron’s mark was still visible. It was believed by the locals that doing this would strengthen the animals’ immune systems. However, this was merely a myth with no basis in reality. The dog had a previous owner, according to a mark on his face, but they soon left him behind.

At this time, Remi received a collar for protection and was neutered. The volunteers searched for a home for him in the neighborhood without success. They consequently brought the adorable animal to the shelter with them. There, he was fed, saved, and cared for.

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